Program Overview

Cloudy Mountain Country RoadHEART SHIFT

The extraordinary healing program developed by CrossRoads Counseling of the Rockies is based on the philosophy that our destructive behaviors are rooted in hurtful experiences that influence us to develop false belief systems. Retreating to a natural and safe environment away from the struggles and distractions of day-to-day living helps clients consider more fully these false beliefs. CrossRoads's distinctly Christian perspective along with sound psychological training brings healing to the wounds and truth to deeply held beliefs about self and surroundings. The result is a deep "heart shift" that provides new direction and healing that lasts.

CrossRoads's BRIEF INTENSIVE COUSELING is for individuals, couples, or famlies in need of help working through a crisis, getting back on track, or healing from deep issues. We offer a casual, country setting that our clients find conducive to healing. During your pre-assessment time via telephone, a professional counselor will help you explore what options will provide the concentrated help you need.


CrossRoads Counseling's therapists are licensed professionals and experienced in helping people to heal from a variety of issues. Our counseling is custom designed for you and your particular issues. Areas of focus include: couples in crisis; marriage builder; pre-marital counseling; individual issues: women, men, teens, and children; adoption and foster care.

Our Brief intensive counseling programs include:

  • Private counseling sessions (2-3 hours daily)
  • Educational life skills classes/groups
  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • Safe and confidential environment conducive to healing.

CrossRoads provides a Christ-centered, retreat atmosphere that aids the process of healing relationally, emotionally and spiritually. Our clients escape from the struggles and pressures of home and come to a relaxing and calm environment in the central mountains of Colorado–a refuge ideal for unpacking years of emotional strife and receiving the healing that only the Holy Spirit can give.

We find we accomplish the most and can get to the heart of issues if an individual or couple can spend two weeks with us. This allows for ten days of therapy (M-F and M-F) with each day building upon the previous day. The first week generally is spent in exploring the "root" of the problem/situation. The second week is spent in the healing process and gaining tools to maintain once you go home. The brief intensive counseling program at CrossRoads will help you heal your lives, marriages, and families in a short period instead of dragging it out over months or even years. After two weeks you'll go home ready to tackle life once again, because you have had your heart transformed and healed by God. Many clients have remarked that this two-week intensive accomplished more than one or two years' worth of one-hour-a-week sessions.


All clients in session during the same week join together for our one-of-kind life skills classes/groups, where familiar biblical truths take on a whole new freshness, power, and reality as the Holy Spirit reveals practical applications of biblical and psychological concepts and truths.

  • Arrive Sunday and get settled into your lodging accommodations.
  • Beginning Monday and continuing through Friday participate in private, 2-3 hour counseling sessions beginning at either 9:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.
  • The life skills class/group is held from noon to 1:00 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday.
  • The rest of your day is unstructured, although assignments will be given to complete during this time.
  • Saturday and Sunday are free time for you to enjoy Buena Vista and the beautiful, natural surroundings.
  • Your intensive ends on Friday of the second week at the conclusion of your last session.