In today's society, families are made up of a variety of combinations of people and relationships. The therapists at CrossRoads Counseling of the Rockies are expert in family dynamics and communication skills, and can help even the most complicated group of people live in harmony.

Whether you are a traditional family, extended family, single-parent family, blended family, or engaged in foster care or adoption, or a combination of the above, the therapists at CrossRoads Counseling will assess your situation and help you better understand the unique dynamics of your family and help you incorporate positive changes in your life. Therapists at CrossRoads Counseling who treat families are: Wil Franz, Terrie Lenzini, Lenore Gray, and Chris Teipel. Please click the therapist's name for more  information about each one.


More and more parents find themselves dealing with complex emotional problems from their children or teens. Experience new hope and new balance in your family by placing your child or teen in a Brief Intensive Therapy Program offered by our professional specialist, Terrie Lenzini, LPC.

These programs are uniquely tailored to meet your child's or teen's individual situation. At key points in the Program parents are included in sessions for development of communication and trust.


Adoption and foster care present specific challenges to parenting. Our adoption and foster care specialist, Terrie Lenzini, can help you navigate these challenges and bring new, in-depth understanding from current research. Terrie will help you and your child(ren) learn communication skills and behavior modification techniques that will bring stability and joy to your family.