woman2Are your emotions your enemy?

Are you plagued by depression, anxiety and/or addiction?

Personal crisis, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, grief and loss, addictions and shame can inhibit one's capacity to enjoy life. It could be that your emotions and behavior are influenced by past trauma caused by abuse, destructive relationships, accidents, or loss. CrossRoads Counseling of the Rockies offers a concentrated and highly focused format that provides a safe environment and in-depth understanding of your problems as well as tools to deal with them more effectively.

Don't put off intensive therapy for fear you are stuck in this place of emotional or mental anguish forever. Using Brief Intensive Therapy Programs our experienced and effective therapists will guide you through the healing process and give you new hope and renewed vitality for your life.

  • Christ-centered approach with lasting results.
  • Private sessions, 3 hours daily.
  • Accelerated progress and healing.
  • Revitalized heart connection with God.
  • Safe and confidential environment.
  • Heart transformation resulting in relational breakthrough.
  • Addressing root causes not just symptom relief.
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Effective tools for the ongoing journey of recovery.